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This Time with Alan Partridge goes down a storm with viewers

Steve Coogan's bumbling presenter returned to the BBC after 24 years and he didn’t disappoint

This Time with Alan Partridge stars Steve Coogan
Published: Tuesday, 26th February 2019 at 9:30 am

Alan Partridge returned to the BBC on Monday night after a 24-year hiatus.


This Time with Alan Partridge was a piece of excruciating genius which went down a treat with viewers.

The One Show-style news programme sees Steve Coogan’s comic creation awkwardly bumble his way through 30 minutes of studio time with his long-suffering, joke-stealing sidekick Jennie Gresham played brilliantly by Susannah Fielding.

In one skit in the debut episode, during a segment on personal hygiene, Partridge gave a demonstration of how to use public toilets without touching anything at all with your hands.

It’s already one of the greatest TV moments of the year…

His mis-pronunciation, to put it mildly, of a guest’s name was another highlight…

And a lot of viewers were speculating which real-life TV presenters today’s Partridge might be inspired by…

Co-star Fielding thanked viewers for watching, and with five more episodes to go she's clearly relieved the show has got off on the right foot.

And we’ll just leave this horrifying picture of Partridge’s wig here…


This Time with Alan Partridge continues at 9.30pm on Mondays on BBC1


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