This Country stars pose for reunion snap ahead of filming on new episode

… and they’re winding each other up already

This Country (BBC, EH)

Cast reunion photos usually feature stars locked in a sweet embrace, grinning toothily at the camera – but not in the case of This Country.


The Bafta-winning comedy’s co-creator and star Charlie Cooper has posted a photo of the cast’s first day of rehearsals for the forthcoming special – and he’s looking pretty fed up already.

In the photo we can see Charlie Cooper as Kurtan, Paul Chahidi as the ever-upbeat vicar, co-creator Daisy May Cooper as Kerry, Michael Sleggs as Slugs and – what’s this? – a mysterious new cast member…

So who IS the new guy? Well, Paul Cooper (Daisy May and Charlie’s real-life father who plays Kerry’s useless dad Martin Mucklowe in the series) sent a tweet saying: “B***ard on the right has taken my place as Martin! They say I am not convincing enough and am like a Carp out of water when I forget my lines.”


But we think (hope) he’s bluffing. Either way, we’re not going to find out who the newcomer is any time soon – BBC3 are keeping their lips sealed for now. But with a special coming to BBC3 later this year, before a full third series airs in 2019, we’ve not got long to wait…