The Wrong Mans to return for Christmas specials reveals James Corden

Bertie Carvel and Dawn French will guest star in James Corden and Mathew Baynton's comedy thriller, back for two one-hour specials on BBC2

James Corden has a special Christmas treat planned for this year: more episodes of his comedy thriller The Wrong Mans.


Corden and his co-star Mathew Baynton will return with two one-hour specials this Christmas on BBC2, the actor and presenter told Radio Times.

“We’re doing one-hour specials for BBC2 that I think will play at Christmas,” revealed Corden, who also writes the comedy with Baynton. “It was hard working out whether we do a whole new story, or try and pick up where we left off. I think we’ve found an outcome that we’re all happy with.”

The new episodes will also see the return of Dawn French, who plays Corden’s mother, and a guest-starring role for Olivier Award-winning actor Bertie Carvel.

“Last year we wrote a character for Dawn French. She’s coming back this time, and we’ve also got Bertie Carvel. He’s one of the best actors in the country, so it’s brilliant he’s agreed to be part of it,” Corden said.

The Wrong Mans sees Corden and Baynton as Phil and Sam, two council workers caught in a deadly criminal conspiracy. Guest stars in the first series included Dougray Scott, Rebecca Front and Emilia Fox.

“It took us a long time to find out what the story could be next,” Corden explained. “The thing with the show is it’s the plotting that’s really hard. We never wanted it to be a parody of itself; we didn’t want it to be The Naked Gun. We wanted the audience to feel that even though it was silly, these were very real situations.”


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