The US Gavin & Stacey – first look at the stars of Us & Them

Parenthood's Jason Ritter and Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel will play the stateside counterparts of Mathew Horne and Joanna Page's original characters

Along with the news that Fox has ordered a full series of Us & Them, the stateside remake of hit BBC comedy Gavin & Stacey, the US network has also given us a first look at the star-crossed lovers’ trans-atlantic counterparts.


Jason Ritter, known in America for comedy-drama Parenthood, is New York City boy Gavin (formerly of Billericey, Essex, and played by Mathew Horne).

Alexis Bledel – star of another hit US show, Gilmore Girls – is his smalltown Pennsylvania girlfriend Stacey (who in the original hailed from Barry Island in South Wales and was portayed by Joanna Page).

In much the same vein as Gavin & Stacey, the comedy-drama follows the couple whose burgeoning romance is constantly at the mercy of their friends and family.

If you whince at the thought of a re-make of such a well-loved British show, it’s worth remembering that Gavin & Stacey creators James Corden and Ruth Jones, along with Steve Coogan, executive-produced the pilot – originally called Friends and Family – and will also be behind the full 13-part run.

The series is a collaboration between BBC Worldwide, the corporation’s commercial arm, and Sony Pictures Television, who will distribute it internationally and in the UK.

Gavin & Stacey began life on BBC3 in 2007 and progressed through it’s three-series lifespan to BBC2 and finally BBC1.


Meanwhile, Fox has announced a raft of other commissions, including futuristic police drama Almost Human, from Star Trek Into Darkness director JJ Abrams, and Sleepy Hollow, an update of Washington Irving’s classic tale of Ichabod Crane, who in this version is “resurrected and pulled two-and-a-half centuries through time.”