The IT Crowd farewell episode to begin filming in three weeks

Creator Graham Linehan has confirmed that the comedy series will return for a one-off special - and filming will start later this month

Irish actor Chris O’Dowd may have been catapulted into Hollywood heartthrob territory, but he’ll soon find himself working in a depressing office job again… playing Roy in The IT Crowd, that is.


Fans of Roy, Moss and Jen and will be over the moon to hear that Channel 4’s IT department slackers are set to return for a special one-off episode – and filming is due to start in just three weeks.

Creator Graham Linehan, who also has Father Ted and Black Books on his impressive TV CV, revealed at a Q&A session at the German re:publica digital conference that he would be reuniting the IT geeks and computer-illiterate Jen for a one-off 40-minute special.

Stars of the show, Chris O’Dowd, Katherine Parkinson, Richard Ayoade and Matt Berry are all expected to return for the show’s final foray. O’Dowd, who has starred in Bridesmaids, Girls, The Sapphires and Moone Boy since leaving the basement of Reynholm Industries behind, has since tweeted “Who wants a little more IT Crowd?”

The IT Crowd – a comedy series centered around the ragtag employees of a neglected IT department – ran for four series from 2006 before the gang were discarded like yesterday’s jam (inside joke there).

Since the final episode aired in 2010, rumours have been rife that the cast would reunite to give the characters a proper goodbye. This one-off finale has been in the works for a while, with Lineham revealing on Twitter last year that a script had been written, but there had been no confirmation or a filming date.


Here’s a little reminder of the office-based comedy to get you excited (as if you need it):