The Inbetweeners announce a ‘new and definitely final film’ for next year

The long-awaited sequel to The Inbetweeners Movie could take place in Australia according to the show's official Facebook page

The last time we saw Will, Jay, Simon and Neil they were galivanting around Crete, chasing “gash”, negotiating nightclubs and demonstrating some questionable dance moves (yes, that’s you, Neil). And in the two years since they topped the UK box office, the Inbetweeners boys have been missed.


But following reports in The Sun earlier this week, it looks like the long-awaited sequel is finally getting off the ground. According to a statement on The Inbetweeners’ official Facebook page, James Buckley, Simon Bird, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas are hatching plans to take their “fwends” to the big screen one last time. And it turns out reports that the gang will reunite in Australia aren’t too wide of the mark… The statement to their fans read:

“Facebook ‘Fwends’ – we told you you’d be the first to hear about Inbetweeners stuff, and althought that’s still true The Sun went rifling and found some stuff out about a sequel. Nothing’s signed yet, and Australia is just one of the ideas we’re kicking around, but we hope to have a new and definitiely final film for you some time next year.

“We hope you miss us as much as we miss you.”


And while the boys enjoyed few rewards for their cringeworthy efforts on-screen, the first film went down a storm with fans of their E4 series, grossing more than £80 million worldwide. So what could writers Damon Beesley and Iain Morris possibly have in store for the gang’s latest attempts to get “knee deep in clunge”? A backpacking jaunt through the Australian outback, perhaps? Or maybe they’ll try out their moves on the toned, tanned surfers of Sydney harbour? Watch this space…