The first trailer for Fresh Meat’s final series will take you back to revision hell

It’s the finals countdown…


We all knew it had to come to this. After three series of dossing around, the freewheeling students of Fresh Meat will be forced to actually buckle down and do some work as they approach their final exams in the (appropriately) final run of episodes – or at least that’s how it seems in this new trailer for the university sitcom.


Still, it’s not all charts and essay notes – after all, watching Jack Whitehall slowly turn the pages of a book might be a little dull for six episodes – and it looks like we can also expect a personal crisis for Joe Thomas’s Kingsley, badminton violence from Kimberley Nixon’s Josie and political idiocy from Charlotte Ritchie’s Oregon.


In other words, it’s more of the usual madness from the Hartnell Avenue crew. We’ll definitely miss them when they graduate.