The Big Bang Theory now has its own street in Pasadena

Well, technically, it's an alley...


You know your sitcom is a big deal when it consistently wins Emmys, Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards. But you know it’s a seriously big deal when it leaves a permanent mark on the city in which its set.


The Big Bang Theory has done just that. The long-running CBS comedy has had a street named after it in Pasadena, California, the very real city where the fictional Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and co reside.

The honorary street sign will be installed in the coming weeks near Pasadena City Hall.

When the official sign was revealed on Conan, the cast were quick to point out that they’ve actually been given an alley, rather than a street – “I’ll be living under it one day,” joked Johnny Galecki – but either way I think we can agree it’s still an honour…

Pasadena also declared 25th February The Big Bang Theory Day to mark the sitcom’s 200th episode The Celebration Experimentation which aired on US TV on Thursday night.


“The City of Pasadena is proud of its comedic and scientific association with The Big Bang Theory,” Pasadena Councilmember Andy Wilson said. “Pasadena was already known throughout the world for having the foremost astronomers, chemists and scientific thinkers who do very serious work here, but thanks to The Big Bang Theory, being smart in Pasadena is now fun too.”