So the secret of Peep Show series nine is out – Super Hans is getting married.

Wedding means marriage vows. Marriage vows means having to state your name. Will the character, brilliantly played by Matt King, finally have to tell us his real name? Oh yes he will. Next week’s episode promises this all-important revelation. And much more besides.

Some of the best ever Peep Show moments have come when the gang have gone on the road, and episode two’s trip to East Anglia for Super Hans’s wedding is no exception.

Dobby (Isy Suttie) returns from New York – but with a smug American boyfriend in tow, much to the intense irritation of Mark (David Mitchell).

Meanwhile Jez (Robert Webb) has to reflect on a rather surprising secret discovery – that isn’t a secret for very long thanks to the hidden cameras Mark has secreted inside the flat (well, it is called Peep Show after all).

Who will be Hans’ best man? Will he manage to get through his big day without hitting anyone? And what IS his real name?

Tune in next week to find out…

Peep Show continues on Channel 4 next Wednesday at 10pm