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Space Force 2: Release date, plot, cast and news

The stakes are high in Steve Carell's latest comedy **SPOILERS FOR SEASON 1**

Published: Thursday, 14th January 2021 at 2:52 pm

Mark Naird (Steve Carell) will soon be returning to action, with Netflix comedy Space Force set to launch its second season very soon.


The series, which was renewed back in November 2020, also stars John Malkovich as scientist Dr Adrian Mallory and Ben Schwartz as social media director F Tony Scarapiducci.

Loosely based on the real-life U.S. Space Force ordered by President Trump, it follows the world’s first-ever space force as it attempts to achieve space dominance.

“Season 2 of Space Force picks up with General Naird and his underdog team having to prove their worth to a new administration while dealing with interpersonal challenges,” reads the official synopsis. “Will the group come together or fall apart under the pressure…? Space Force is only human after all.”

In addition to Carell, Schwarts and Malkovich, the returning cast includes Jimmy O. Yang, Tawny Newsome, Diana Silvers and Don Lake.

Here’s everything you need to know about Space Force season two on Netflix.

Space Force season 2 release date

Don Lake in Space Force (Netflix)

Space Force season 2 will debut on 18th February 2022, Netflix has confirmed.

The premiere date was announced on the show’s official Instagram, with a caption revealing: "Not even gravity can keep them down. Space Force returns on February 18."

Actor Ben Schwarts also confirmed the huge news, tweeting: "To infinity... and right back because infinity is terrifying. SPACE FORCE SEASON 2 IS COMING TO @NETFLIX FEBRUARY 18TH!!!"

Despite the first season receiving mixed reviews, Netflix announced that Space Force's gravitational pull had attracted over 40 million viewers and renewed the show for a second season in November 2020.

However, this came with the caveat that the production on the show would be moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver in a reported effort to reduce the show's large budget.

Filming for season two began in May 2021 and had wrapped as early as July going by a social media post from F. Tony actor Ben Schwartz.

Ahead of the show's renewal, co-creator and star Steve Carell had already discussed potential storylines for his character General Naird.

In an interview with EW, he was asked about dream ideas for a second season, replying, "I have to look for the next big stress-relief song scene. For General Naird, I always want to look for some new opportunities for him — and the odder and more surreal, the better to see how he might deal with some of the stresses and strains of his job.

"That's something that I'm kicking around at this point. What other odd, quirky ways of dealing with his life are we going to see? And whether it's a song or something else, I find stuff like that really funny, when something comes out of the blue in a surreal and an odd way. I'd like to see some more of that."

Space Force season 2 cast

Space Force (Netflix)

It was already a safe bet, but stars Steve Carell and John Malkovich are confirmed to be back for more.

Their professional partnership is the beating heart of the show and it will take their combined skills and strategies to rescue the seemingly doomed astronauts.

Speaking of, expect to see more of Tawny Newsome as Captain Angela Ali, who will need to be a strong leader for her inexperienced team, keeping them united in the face of huge uncertainty.

No doubt, she'll have her love interest Dr Chen Kaifang (Jimmy O Yang) on hand to offer advice over the airwaves - while Yang will also be on hand behind the scenes as the actor has joined the season two writing team.

Egocentric social media whizz Tony Scarapiducci deserves to be fired for failing to do a background check on the Space Force astronauts, thus allowing a dangerous criminal on board the ship. Nevertheless, Ben Schwartz has been confirmed to return as one of the show's more memorable characters, and has shared several behind the scenes snaps of season two on social media.

The Naird family, which includes Lisa Kudrow's Maggie and Diana Silvers' Erin, also look to be back, as they attempt to navigate their strange new dynamic without falling apart.

Fans will also be hoping to see more of the star-studded Joint Chiefs of Staff, including Noah Emmerich, Jane Lynch and Patrick Warburton, so let's hope they have time in their schedules...

One character who won't be returning is General Naird's elderly father Fred, played by veteran comedy actor Fred Willard, who sadly passed away in May 2020. Although, perhaps there could be an episode dealing with his loss in a potential season two...

While there has been no news on any new characters for season two, we do know of a new face behind the scenes - Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer Norm Hiscock has joined Daniels as co-showrunner.

Space Force season 2 plot

Jane Lynch in Space Force (Netflix)

“Season 2 of Space Force picks up with General Naird (Carell) and his underdog team having to prove their worth to a new administration while dealing with interpersonal challenges,” reads the official Season 2 synopsis.

“Will the group come together or fall apart under the pressure…? Space Force is only human after all.”

The first season ended on a shocking cliffhanger that saw the lives of every astronaut on the moon plunged into mortal danger.

After General Kick Grabaston (Noah Emmerich) seized command of Space Force from General Naird (Carell), he ordered an ill-conceived attack on the moon's advanced Chinese space lab.

The Space Force astronauts reluctantly followed orders and destroyed the Chinese moon base, unaware that their rivals had hatched a similar plan, destroying their own living habitat.

As a result, both the Americans and the Chinese are now stranded on the moon with nowhere to live and little hope of survival - unless General Naird can swoop in and arrange a last minute rescue.

But after escaping arrest by Grabaston's men, he went AWOL with his family and it's unclear whether he plans to return to Space Force HQ or go on the run...

Needless to say, season two has a big mess to clear up. We have a feeling that Naird will do the honourable thing and return to help the astronauts who desperately need him, but how will he possibly be able to save them?

Could we be looking at a daring rescue in the style of 2015's hit sci-fi flick The Martian? It's possible, especially with a brilliant scientist like Dr Adrian Mallory (John Malkovich) around to help.

If Naird can lead a successful mission, it may be enough to get him out of hot water with his superiors, after he disobeyed their direct orders in the season one finale...

However given the reported budget cuts for season two, it remains to be seen how many CGI-heavy moon scenes will be featured in this follow-up

Is there a Space Force season 2 trailer?

Sadly, Netflix is yet to drop a trailer for Space Force season 2.

Until then, here's a trailer for season one as a refresher:


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