Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to revive Shaun of the Dead characters for Phineas and Ferb special

Shaun and Ed will rise once again in animated form…

It’s been ten years since we waved goodbye to Shaun of the Dead, but now Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are set to reprise their characters in an upcoming episode of cult Disney animation Phineas and Ferb. 


Taking to his Twitter account today, Pegg himself announced the news that he and co-star Frost would be portraying their characters from the 2004 zomcom, once again taking on best friends Shaun and Ed for a cartoonified cameo in the Phineas and Ferb Halloween Special later this year. 


This is certainly not the first time the Disney comedy-musical has played around with pop culture. The animation is notorious for featuring a number of fictional crossovers, including dalliances with Marvel Heroes and, of course, their own retelling of Star Wars in a one-off special. 

The cartoon, which first came to our screens in 2007, also boasts an impressive roster of celebrity fans and cameos, with Seth Macfarlane, Ben Stiller and David Mitchell notable names from past episodes.


It’s not certain what part the Cornetto-eating zombie-killers will be playing in the special, but knowing Shaun and Ed, it’s bound to be a piece of fried gold.