Sex and the City is getting a TV sequel – but it’s not what you’re thinking

Author Candace Bushnell will develop her non-fiction book Is There Still Sex in the City? into a series

Sex and the City

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell is set to bring her upcoming sequel, Is There Still Sex in the City?, to TV.


Bushnell, who wrote the collection of essays that inspired the TV show, will develop the non-fiction book exploring love and dating after 50 into a series for Paramount Television and Anonymous Content, writing the pilot script and serving as an executive producer.

The series is “not styled as a direct follow-up to Sex and the Cityas it traces the dating habits of middle-aged people on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, tackling everything from Tinder dates to casual sex over 50,” according to Entertainment Weekly. So, a direct sequel to the original book, but more of a spiritual sequel to the TV series…

“At one time, fifty something meant the beginning of retirement – working less, spending more time on your hobbies, with your friends, who like you were sliding into a more leisurely lifestyle,” Bushnell said in a statement.


“In short, retirement age folks weren’t meant to do much of anything but get older and a bit heavier. They weren’t expected to exercise, start new business ventures, move to a different state, have casual sex with strangers, and start all over again. But this is exactly what the lives of a lot of fifty- and sixty something women look like today and I’m thrilled to be reflecting the rich, complexity of their reality on the page and now on the screen.”