Russell Tovey: the third series of Him & Her is phenomenal

The star of Being Human and The History Boys will return to BBC3 next month - and he's excited about the upcoming episodes...

In recent years cheeky Essex boy Russell Tovey has appeared in History Boys (both on stage and screen), Gavin & Stacey, Doctor Who, Sherlock and, of course, Being Human, but at the thing he’s most excited about is the upcoming series of BBC3’s Him & Her. 


Tovey plays rude, crude and adorable Steve in the unromantic comedy, alongside Sarah Solemani, Kerry Howard and Joe Wilkinson. Him & Her first appeared on our screens in 2010 to critical acclaim, and is making a return for its third series later this year. 

Speaking to at Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer, Tovey said: “The scripts have been phenomenal this year. It’s really upped a notch and I’m very excited about it.”

Why does he think Him & Her – a programme about lazy couple Steve and Becky who burp, fart and never leave their flat – has struck such a chord with British viewers? 

“It’s got universal appeal,” says Tovey. “It’s a love story – it’s about a couple just being with each other and enjoying each others’ company. All the characters around them are so funny and so well written – and there’s a massive heart so that’s kind of permeated the public.” 

With visits from their socially awkward upstairs neighbour and host of bizarre friends and relations, Steve and Becky’s grubby love story takes place mostly between their crumby sheets and always within in the confines of their flat. 

The second series of the hit show saw Becky move in with Steve – where will the third series see the twentysomething couple go? 

“The bathroom and the kitchen! I don’t think they are going to go anywhere else,” says Tovey. “They are going to stay in the flat, but the whole series is about Steve’s proposal to Becky. Does he grow the balls to do it? Is she or isn’t she going to accept? That’s the journey that we are going on.”

“The last series ends with Laura [Becky’s sister] getting pregnant. This series sees Laura, who is a monster, carrying a baby so she’s even more self righteous which is hilarious!” 

“It’s a really strong piece of work. I love it and I love everyone I’m working with,” adds Tovey. 


The third series of Him & Her will be on TV in November