Ronnie Corbett is NOT retiring says his wife

Anne Corbett says she is furious about reports that her husband was giving up work - insisting that he has just been treated with antibiotics for his gall bladder and is recovering

Ronnie Corbett fans can breathe a sigh of relief – the comedy legend is not giving up the limelight.


In fact his wife Anne Corbett has delivered a blistering denunciation of claims that her 83-year-old spouse is retiring.

She told her local paper that reports that her husband would be giving up work after being rushed to hospital with alleged chest and stomach pains were “absolutely all made up” and that he has simply been taking antibiotics for an inflamed gall bladder.

“My husband is not retiring,” she thundered. “He loves his work. It is all lies.”

She said that the reports appeared after the Two Ronnies star recently appeared at a memorial service for the TV host Sir David Frost who died last year.

Mrs Corbett said: “I am 81 and I have not been well myself. Although I am stronger now, when you are not well the last thing you need is to be made angry.

“I am angry when some newspaper which knows nothing makes up what they want to make up about someone who has given his life to his work.

“It was disgusting. I never said he was retiring, how dare they?”

She said her husband had been in hospital recently for tests which had shown he had an inflamed gall bladder, adding: “He was given some antibiotics and things have calmed down.

“He certainly wasn’t rushed into hospital dying.”

Apologies to Mr Corbett

A week ago we ran one of the reports (mentioned above), which said that Ronnie Corbett was battling a mystery illness following a spell in hospital and said he would not be appearing on our television screens again in future. We accept that the illness was not a mystery, but a small problem with his gallbladder, and that Mr Corbett is fit, healthy and still working on a string of TV and charity projects. We are sorry Mr Corbett for the distress our publication caused you and your wife.