The team behind comedy hits The Robinsons and The Worst Week Of My Life have launched a new comedy that focuses on ordinary life in the age of Coronavirus lockdown.

Housebound, which asks how people across the country are coping with the lockdown, is being made available on YouTube - with the first ten-minute episode uploaded on Tuesday 14th April and a second set to follow today (Wednesday 15th April).

The comedy sees a group of characters played by recognisable faces including Susannah Fielding (Alan Partridge) and Pearce Quigley (The Detectorists), take part in a series of video calls on platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

Other stars of the show include Javone Prince (The Javone Prince Show), Priyanga Burford (The Thick of It), Tim Downie (Toast of London) and Jeremy Swift (Downton Abbey) with each of them delivering "joyously comic monologues."

Co-creator Justin Sbresni said, "We asked ourselves the question: how do we make a TV series under the current social distancing rules? And this is what we came up with. We’ve worked with all the actors before and stayed in touch. Every one of them wanted to be part of it as soon as we pitched it."

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Sbresni's fellow creator Mark Bussell added, "We wanted to shine a light on the pressures and problems we’re all going through. Where there’s pressure, there’s invariably comedy.”

Meanwhile, Sbresni said that the show had received promising feedback so far, claiming, "There’s been a great response to the show so far. We’ll keep making them as long as people want them or until we’re through this whole nightmare. Hopefully it helps to lighten peoples’ days.”

The first episode can be found here.

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