Ricky Gervais to star in David Brent movie

The Office character will be the subject of Life on the Road which begins filming next year

Slough’s favourite middle manager David Brent (vis-à-vis aka Ricky Gervais) will star in his own movie: Life on the Road. 


The film will catch up with Brent 15 years after he was let go by paper merchants Wernham Hogg. Now a salesman travelling up and down the A1 (the Free Love Freeway) selling cleaning products, he still dreams of becoming a rock star. 

Much like The Office, the film will likely be a mockumentary following David on his self-financed UK tour. Although Brent believes it will be like “Scorsese filming the Rolling Stones”, the result might be closer to Spinal Tap meets Death of a Salesman.

Life on The Road will begin shooting next year with BBC Films, but don’t call it Brent’s comeback. Since The Office closed in 2003, the character has cameoed in the US Office, appeared in Comic Relief specials, taught people how to play guitar on YouTube and even played real concerts with his band Foregone Conclusion.

But will he sing in the film? Well, if you don’t know him by now…