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Raised by Wolves as told by Gifs

Germaine's underwear shopping, Grampy's dancing, Della's lustful looks at Michael - they're all there... logo
Published: Monday, 20th April 2015 at 4:22 pm

The first series of Channel 4's Raised by Wolves is about to come to an end with a glorious episode in which Germaine goes on a personal exodus, Aretha faces her worse nightmares by going to a nightclub, and Della experiences serious sexual tension on a date with Michael.


So here are the best Garry clan, in all their chaotic, strange behaviour, as shown by exclusive Channel 4 gifs...

1) When the Garrys turned up to great grandma Joanna's funeral in a Reservoir Dogs style line-up. Even the youngest ones, Mariah and Wyatt, had a swagger to die for. As one would expect from two characters named after a pop queen and a Kevin Costner movie.

2) When Michael, the man with the van, caught mum Della's eye by lighting a fire, and telling her about his chainsaw. She kept her cool (Rebekah Staton has said her performance was inspired by Clint Eastwood) and took a silent toke of her cigarette. The sexual tension was palpable...

3) When diva-loving Grampy did the house work to some classic disco tunes, with better moves than we could dream of...

4) When Germaine went to 'the Dorch' to seduce her beloved Lee. Her too-cool-for-school head bopping to chart hits was glorious, especially when dressed like a character from a Jane Austen.

5) When Della took Germaine underwear shopping and she tried them on over her tights...

6) When Germaine's arch rival cousin Cathy did some serious flirting with dream boy Lee...and Germaine was furious...

But as we see in episode six, Germaine gets the last laugh...

The Raised by Wolves finale airs on Monday 20th April at 10pm on Channel 4

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