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Viewers react as Peter Kay’s Car Share returns with 'unscripted' episode

While fans were delighted to finally see Peter Kay and Sian Gibson back together, not everyone was convinced by the improvised episode...

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Published: Tuesday, 8th May 2018 at 9:04 am

Bank Holiday Monday saw hit comedy Peter Kay’s Car Share finally return to BBC1 – though not as we know it.


You see, this time John and Kayleigh’s commute was completely improvised by stars Peter Kay and Sian Gibson, in a comedy experiment to see how much magic they could bring to the screen unprompted.

It’s fair to say that many fans absolutely loved the looser take of the show, as well as seeing the beloved characters back on screen together.

That said, not everyone was so impressed, with some viewers suggesting the improvised episode only highlighted how well-scripted the series usually is.

Fans will get another, scripted episode that is set to tie off John and Kayleigh’s story once and for all. The episode is expected to air on Bank Holiday Monday 28th May, but in the meantime, at least everyone can agree on one thing.


John NEEDS to give that back window a wash…


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