Too busy Googling the Peep Show theme tune to pay attention to the actual programme? Fear not. We’ve done the research for you so you can get back to Mitchell, Webb and the desperate existences of Mark and Jeremy.

In the first series, Peep Show ran with a minimalistic theme entitled Pip Pop Plop, written by the Bafta nominated composer Daniel Pemberton. The song can be found on his TVPOPMUZIK album.

But the track most of you are after is Flagpole Sitta by American rockers Harvey Danger.

The song, taken from their 1997 debut album Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? previously featured in teen film American Pie (during a montage of them all trying to get a girl, naturally) and parts have been used in the opening of comedian Russell Howard’s Good News. But it’s Peep Show where the song has found its home, with the lyrics "I'm not sick, but I'm not well" perfectly capturing Mark and Jeremy's borderline mental health issues.

Here’s the official music video featuring a lot of rather moody youngsters dancing.

And just to be doubly sure, here are the Peep Show opening credits, too.

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