New Graham Linehan and Adam Buxton comedy pilot aims for the stars

Father Ted co-creator Linehan has written a pilot for Channel 4 with Buxton called The Cloud which is set in a data hub floating above the Earth, can reveal

Father Ted and The IT Crowd writer Graham Linehan is teaming up with Adam Buxton (of Adam and Joe fame) to make a new Channel 4 comedy set in space, can reveal.


The Cloud follows the fairly hapless crew of a data hub floating about Earth, which is designed to protect the vast amounts of information the human population now hoards on its endless devices – selfies, copious pictures of kittens and, yes, a helluva lot of porn.


Starring Buxton and hot young comedy talents Ashling Bea and Jamie Demetriou, the non-broadcast pilot is filming in the spring. We hope we can upload news of a full commission shortly.