New details of Fresh Meat’s fourth and final series

Vod struggles with a mammoth debt, Kingsley finds himself in an "unconventional relationship" and JP's brother pays a visit...

Fresh Meat is back for a fourth and final series and, as filming begins on the much-loved Channel 4 comedy, there are some “fresh” new details of what fans can expect from the gang’s swan song. 


With the “finals countdown” on and the end of university life drawing ever closer, we’re going to meet JP’s (Jack Whitehall) brother who pays an unexpected visit as Manchester’s resident toff is told it’s time to knuckle down if he wants to secure his job in the family firm. Oh, and he’s changed his mind about putting 28 Hartnell Avenue on the market, thank goodness.

But as JP ponders his future, Vod (Zawe Ashton) is fixed in the present as she grapples with a debt “that could sink a small Euro state”. Her pal Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie) is Student Union President and busy planning her legacy, meanwhile Kinglsey (Joe Thomas) – whose romance with Josie (Kimberley Nixon) went down the toilet last series – finds himself in an unconventional relationship.

His loud-mouthed ex-girlfriend is still languishing in second year and is facing up to the prospect of a final twelve months in Manchester without her delightfully odd housemates. And Howard (Greg McHugh), who had been on course for a first class degree, gets some unexpected news which sends him spiralling. No word yet on whether his romance with Candice (Faye Marsay) has blossomed. We’ve got our fingers, toes – ok, everything – crossed. 

Fresh Meat is written by Peep Show creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong and has won a string of awards since it first launched in 2011. Filming began in Manchester last month with the new series expected to broadcast on Channel 4 later this year. 


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