Mrs Brown’s Boys creator: Screw the critics!

Brendan O'Carroll says he doesn't care about negative reviews as Mrs Brown's Boys wins its second NTA in a row

The creator of Mrs Brown’s Boys had strong words for the critics on Wednesday night, hitting back at negative reviews after the show won the 2014 NTA Best Comedy Award.


“F**k them!,” said Brendan O’Carroll, who plays the show’s lead Mrs Brown. “I do respect them. I do respect critics. I know they’ve got a job to do. There’ll always be a donkey telling a racehorse how to win the race.”

“If you want to be a racehorse, run the race,” he continued. “But if you’re writing columns in your Mickey Mouse pullout newspapers, f**k off.”

This is the second year in a row that Mrs Brown’s Boys has won at the National Television Awards. The show has been a ratings success for BBC1, despite some critics being less than generous in their praise.

O’Carroll also said that we will see more of Mrs Brown next Christmas – although couldn’t confirm whether there would be a full series.

“The Christmas specials are going to carry on, but as far as a fourth series is concerned it’s down to a time element,” he said.