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Mr Bean drives to Buckingham Palace on the roof of his car to celebrate turning 25

A quarter of a century after Rowan Atkinson's eccentric funnyman first appeared on British screens, he's still causing mayhem on The Mall logo
Published: Friday, 4th September 2015 at 1:00 pm

Tourists visiting Buckingham Palace today were treated to a glimpse of British royalty. No, not the Queen, but a chap just as famous the world over: Mr Bean.


Rowan Atkinson's hapless loner arrived in style: on a sofa precariously balanced atop his lime-green mini and steering with a mop, recreating one of his best-loved sketches.

Mr Bean's day out began in St James' Park, where Rowan Atkinson stopped for a selfie with the Millennium Eye and bought an ice cream. Then he careered down the Mall with a police escort, screeching to a halt outside Buckingham Palace where a pile of small presents and a large crowd of sightseers awaited.

He even found time to tweet:

While poor old Teddy was clearly wishing he'd stayed at home:

Tickled fans also took to Twitter:

"I’ve been a fan of Mr Bean since I was three years old so getting to meet him in person today was a dream come true", said super-fan Matt Dille who presented his eccentric hero with a birthday cake. (Mr Bean's birthday is actually on 15th September but timing never was his forte.)

Today's stunt marks 25 years since the pilot was shown on British television. Although only 15 episodes were made, Mr Bean became a global hit, selling 35 million DVDs and videos and acquiring 63 million fans on Facebook – and all without ever uttering a complete sentence.

New animated Mr Bean episodes will air on children's TV channel Boomerang on Saturday 5th and a 14-disc anniversary box set is being released on Monday 7th September.


Watch the original car sketch:

25 facts and figures for Mr Bean's 25th anniversary


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