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Miranda Hart to star in Gogglebox special for Channel 4's Stand up to Cancer

Comedian will do one of her favourite things - watch the telly - for the fundraising telethon on Friday logo
Published: Thursday, 16th October 2014 at 9:36 am

We’ve all seen Miranda Hart sitting on the sofa watching telly as her sitcom alter ego in the BBC comedy Miranda.


But this Friday, she’s doing exactly that, but as herself - recreating the hit Channel 4 show Gogglebox in a celebrity special that’s been recorded for C4’s fundraiser Stand Up to Cancer. She will also be accompanied by her Miranda co-stars Sarah Hadland and Tom Ellis.

Watching The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing will not be a chore for the woman who describes herself as “living and breathing light entertainment”. She added: “Strictly Come Dancing is my religion.”

“I do love to cry. I'll cry at the drop of a hat. I'll cry at your basic television programme, let alone a weepie. But not big, heavy, serious crying. I haven't done that for a while, which is a relief. More like a little welling up of joy.”

Perhaps a little more outside her comfort zone, however, will be the section where they have to watch the news: “I can’t face watching it sometimes. It’s always so miserable. I live in a bit of a news vacuum actually.”

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She’ll be back on more comfortable ground, however, with Downton Abbey, which she loves. But don't we all...

Miranda's Gogglebox appearance is one of three celebrity specials. The other two will see Noel Gallagher, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Paul O'Grady and Kathy Burke appear on the sofa.


Stand Up to Cancer 2014 will be shown on Channel 4, Friday 17th October


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