Matt Berry’s Steven Toast manages to annoy Jude Law, Martin Freeman and other top actors in the final episode of series 3

Exclusive: The last instalment in the current series of Channel 4 sitcom Toast of London sees our hero in perhaps the tightest spot of his life

Steven Toast manages to get in a right pickle in the final episode of the latest series of Toast of London.


Matt Berry’s loud-mouthed actor does something so terrible – we won’t say what – that the cream of the British acting and directing world line up to condemn him in a spoof Channel 4 News report.

Jude Law, Martin Freeman, John Simm, Sheila Hancock and Tim Piggott-Smith join director Sam Mendes (below) in castigating the actor for his terrible, terrible crime.

“I think everyone in the country will be appalled,” says Freeman (below, we have cropped the image to avoid spoilers).

Simm calls Toast a “w****r” while Mendes calls him a “colossal tw*t” for his misdemeanour in the episode called Global Warming (there’s a clue to his crime there).

“I can’t believe that an actor would have done something so terrible,” says Hancock.

Could this be the end for Steven? And what exactly did he do?

Tune in tonight to find out. But while Channel 4 has not confirmed whether there will be a fourth series, a production source assures us that he is more than capable of bouncing back.

Here’s an exclusive sneak preview of the episode (warning: strong language):


Toast of London series 3 episode 6 is on Channel 4 on Wednesday 23rd December at 10pm