Martin Freeman: I’m glad we didn’t ruin The Office with more series

The Fargo actor says he admires Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant for making the hit comedy finite

Martin Freeman says he’s glad he’s not doing The Office anymore, because he thinks more series would have ruined it for fans.


Freeman, who played sales rep Tim Canterbury in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s hit Slough-based sitcom, told Radio 5’s Richard Bacon:

“I’m very proud of The Office, if it’s on I still watch it and will laugh. But one of the best things Ricky and Steve did was ending it and making it finite and making it something people look back and go, ‘I wish there was more of that’, as opposed to doing loads and people saying, ‘I wish there was less of that’.”

On the possibility of returning to the role, Freeman admits, “If they asked again, I’d be surprised.”

But while Freeman is certainly keeping himself busy – with Sherlock, The Hobbit franchise and most recently Fargo under his belt – the actor admits he takes time out to watch Gervais’s David Brent spin-offs.

YouTube series Learn guitar with David Brent “is like Partridge” Freeman says, adding, “in the right context I could watch that all day”.