Lindsay Lohan to guest star in Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management

The 26-year-old actress will play Sheen's love interest in an episode of the show to air in April

Lindsay Lohan will make a one-off guest appearance in Charlie Sheen’s psychotherapy sitcom Anger Management later this year.


FX, the channel which screens Anger Management in the States, announced last night that the controversial 26-year-old actress is to guest star as herself in an episode of the show due to air in the US in April.

In the episode, Lohan develops romantic feelings for Sheen’s character after becoming one of his patients.

Lohan’s casting is believed to be a publicity stunt to promote Scary Movie 5, which stars both Sheen and Lohan and is also scheduled to be released in April.

The pair bonded while shooting the horror spoof sequel last year, and in December Sheen gave Lohan a cheque for $100,000 to help pay off her crippling $233,904 debt to the IRS.

Discussing his relationship with Lohan at the time, Sheen called the actress “smart and super fabulous” and said: “She’s terrific, I mean she’s going through a lot of stuff. She’s smart and super fabulous and I think will come out on top eventually, you know.”

Comedy Central could not be reached to provide a UK airdate for Lohan’s episode of Anger Management at the time of writing.


See Sheen and Lohan cosying up to one another in the Scary Movie 5 trailer below: