Limmy: I’m writing a new sitcom

The Scottish comedian and star of Limmy's Show tells about his new pilot script, starring himself as many different characters

Scottish comedian Limmy is writing a new sitcom in which he would play multiple characters. Speaking to, Brian Limond revealed he is currently developing a pilot, which he hopes will be produced next year for the BBC.


“I’m writing a sitcom just now, just a pilot, so hopefully they like it. It’s sort of halfway between the character comedy I usually do and a sitcom. I play a few different characters in it, in a kind of Chris Lilley/Peter Kay type of thing.”

Although any pilot would likely be not-for-broadcast, Limond hopes that a full series would be shown on a UK-wide BBC channel. Despite clamour for the dark and surreal Limmy’s Show south of the border, it was only ever broadcast on BBC Scotland.

The comic explained: “It will be made by an external production company and I’ll direct. Hopefully the BBC like the script and the pilot gets made, then if that goes well they go right: series. That would be really good.”

The script features completely different characters from those seen in Limmy’s Show. In a previous interview with, he discussed a possible spin-off for the character Falconhoof, although the idea has since been put on hold in favour of this new project.

Limond also spoke about his regular spot on Charlie Brooker’s upcoming series of Weekly Wipe, playing a conspiracy theorist analysing the week’s news: “I’ve come up with an idea that I think would fit it all, even if there’s nothing that interesting this week. I could make something out of a tweet that an X-Factor winner said five years ago, if need be.”

As for Limmy’s Show itself, the upcoming Christmas special is intended to be the final episode. However, Limmy didn’t rule out further specials.

“I said the third series was going to be the last and now there’s a Christmas Special. So maybe there’ll be a summer special, Halloween special, something like that. I’d like to do things like that. But a whole series, having to write six episodes? I don’t think I’ve got enough good stuff to just knock that out.”

Update: Kenton Allen, CEO of Big Talk Productions, has announced they will produce the pilot.


Limmy’s Show Christmas Special, Sunday 22 December, 10pm BBC2 Scotland