*Warning: this article contains spoilers for Glamorous season 1.*


Landing on Netflix today, Glamorous is the lighthearted coming-of-age tale that follows aspiring influencer Marco Mejia, played by Miss Benny.

Of course, much of the discussion around the new 10-part series has been the fact that alongside Miss Benny, Kim Cattrall also leads the cast as iconic make-up company owner Madolyn Addison.

According to the synopsis: "A young gender non-conforming queer man's life seems to be stuck in place until he lands a job working for legendary makeup mogul Madolyn Addison. Its Marco's first chance to figure out what he wants out of life, who he actually is, and what it really means for him to be queer."

While many will surely delight in the comedy's mixture of humour, drama and queer culture celebration, many will also be wondering whether there's set to be any further instalments of Glamorous. So, will it be returning for season 2? Read on for everything we know so far.

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Will Glamorous be returning for season 2?

Kim Cattrall in Netflix's Glamorous
Glamorous: Kim Cattrall as Madolyn. Netflix

As of now, there's been no word on whether the Netflix series has been renewed for season 2.

Leading series star Miss Benny did tell NME that the season has been almost five years in the making, and was first approached with a concept for the show back in 2019.

So, we can only hope that in that time, plans for a second season were also mentioned. We'll be sure to update this as and when we know more but for now, the future of the series remains uncertain.

Glamorous season 2 release date speculation

Glamorous season 1 debuted on Netflix on Thursday 22nd June 2023, so it could be the case that if renewed for season 2, we can expect the second instalment to come some time in summer 2024.

But with the ongoing writers' strikes in the US at the moment putting a delay on numerous productions, it could be a longer wait for season 2 if it does go ahead.

Glamorous season 2 cast speculation

Thankfully, nothing bad happened to any of the cast, meaning that if season 2 were given the green light, we would expect to see most of the same faces returning. In the season 1 finale, we saw Marco's mum Julia (Diana-Maria Riva) move away for her new job, so she may return in a smaller capacity.

The full list of Glamorous's main cast members we could expect to make a return for season 2 is below.

  • Miss Benny as Marco Mejia
  • Kim Cattrall as Madolyn Addison
  • Zane Phillips as Chad, Madolyn's son
  • Jade Payton as Venetia
  • Michael Hsu Rosen as Ben
  • Ayesha Harris as Britt
  • Graham Parkhurst as Parker
  • Diana-Maria Riva as Julia Mejia
  • Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Teddy
  • Damian Terriquez as Dizmal
  • Lisa Gilroy as AlyssaSays

What could Glamorous season 2 be about?

Glamorous season 2
Glamorous: (L to R) Graham Parkhurst as Parker, Miss Benny as Marco. Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Well, we'd expect season 2 to follow on from the season 1 finale, which saw Marco have to contend with an army of devoted followers of major influencer, Miss Waverley.

After doing a livestream video and making a comment about her, her thousands of followers came after Marco. Ultimately, everything was alright - as he received a reassuring note from her after posting an apology video online.

Also, Venetia returns to Glamorous, now in the new role of creative executive, and has moved in with Britt. Marco's love life was a major factor in season 1, and after calling things off with Parker and seeming to finally patch things up with co-worker Ben, we're sure Marco and Ben's on-off relationship will be explored further in a potential season 2.

The season 1 finale also showed part of the reason why Marco has been in a conflicted state of mind recently as Venetia finds a business card for Callen-Lorde, a New York health clinic for LGBTQ+ people. We hear Marco narrate at the same time: "I'm finally ready to know myself" at the same time that Venetia turns the card round to find that it's for Dr. Ripley Thomas, a transgender specialist.

The flashback to Marco's mother moving also shows Julia embracing Marco, saying: "You're the best daughter a mother could have." So if season 2 does go ahead, it's highly likely that we'll follow Marco's important journey of identity and acceptance.

Elsewhere, we'll likely want the cliffhanger of season 1 answered in some way – who is Chad's mysterious father? As he packed up his father's sports jersey, we see a man walking towards Madolyn's office, and the season 1 finale ended with Chad nervously calling out for his dad, prompting Madolyn to turn around.

As his identity has been left a secret at the moment, we can only wait to see who Chad's father is, and whether or not his arrival after all these years will throw a spanner in the works like Madolyn thought. As for Madolyn's own life, fans thought she and Teddy would finally admit their feelings for one another, so it seems as though that 'will they, won't they' storyline could also be picked up for season 2.

Is there a trailer for Glamorous season 2?

Slow down! As the second season is yet to be confirmed, there's no trailer just yet but have a re-watch of the season 1 trailer to re-live the drama.

Glamorous comes to Netflix on Thursday 22nd June 2023. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.

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