Who controls the remote in your house?
No one. I just leave the TV on all day every day.


What programmes can't you resist watching on TV?
The Graham Norton Show. Man, when's that fella gonna settle down with a nice gal?

What would you resurrect?
You know, there was this show way back in the 60s called Doctor Who. You guys ever think about bringing that back? Let me know if you do. I wanna be, like, a sassy Doctor. Kinda like "Doctor Say Whaaaa?"

What on TV makes you blush?
I always blush, on account o' my facial blood vessels are all whacked out from too much drinkin.

What makes you blubber?
I'll thank you not to bring up my weight during this interview.

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Who are you jealous of on TV?
Gordon Ramsay. He gets paid to scream at innocent people.

What would you delete from your family watchlist?
Game of Thrones. It's a trap. They lure you in with dragons, swords and stuff, and the next thing you know you're lookin' at a dude's hog.

What's your guilty pleasure?
If you've never taken a beer and a bucket of fried chicken into the shower, you ain't livin.

Who'd play you in your biopic?
Obviously that Harry Potter kid. He's got the glasses and everything.

What was the last thing you learnt from the TV?
Don't spill beer on it. It gets sticky.

What was the last book you read?
Meg's diary. I had everyone at the Clam crackin' up.

What's your favourite film?
Back to the Future Part III. I really wanna blow up a train.

Has anyone ever left you feeling starstruck?
Totally. I got to meet Spider-man at the opening of the new mall. Couldn't have been nicer.

Have you ever visited the UK? If so, what did you think?
No ranch dressing. Zero stars.

If you could live anywhere but Quahog, where would you live?
The Starship Enterprise. But, like, in The Next Generation time 'cause I wanna touch Worf's head. It looks like it might be kinda oily.

People often leave the television or radio on for their pet while they're out - what do you leave on for Brian?
BBC World News, but by the time I get home he's changed it to insane Japanese game shows.

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