Exclusive video: Ricky Gervais and Warwick Davis at Life’s Too Short photoshoot

See the comics striking poses and larking around for the camera in our fun cover shoot vid

“I like having a dwarf on my shoulders; there, I said it,” admitted Ricky Gervais during our photoshoot. 


And it was a high-spirited Ricky and Warwick Davis who struck the poses you can see in the video above, and in this week’s issue of Radio Times

“We’re doing Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – comedy giants. I’m handing the baton to Warwick,” said Gervais, before Davis was hoisted aloft on a winch. 

Having finished off the cover, the chaps improvised a gravity-defying tableau, taking time to shoot a mini-interview mid-pose. Was Warwick heavy? “He’s like a collapsed star. He’s actually 22 stone…” quipped Gervais.


Life’s Too Short, the new comedy series starring Ricky, Warwick and Stephen Merchant, premieres on BBC2 on Thursday 10 November.