“Don’t be nervous!” Russell Brand terrorises MSNBC morning show

Watch US presenters fall to pieces in front of British comedian

You might assume Russell Brand would be a dream guest for a chatty, informal morning news magazine show. So long as he keeps it fairly clean, he’ll reel off long, funny answers at the slightest provocation. Easy.


That wasn’t, however, the attitude of the presenting team on MSNBC’s news magazine show Morning Joe yesterday. Brand’s appearance on the programme was extraordinary, not so much for his contribution – shouting over at the journalists sitting at workstations behind him, pointing out when he could see down host Mika Brzezinski’s top, eventually attempting to host the show himself – as for the way he was treated by the three anchors.

Professionalism exits the building immediately. Everyone is visibly discombobulated by Brand’s very presence, spooked by his chest hair, his shoes, and his accent – which co-host Brian Shactman claims not to be able to comprehend when he hears Brand on the radio. They hover between terror, confusion and outright contempt. Several times they start discussing Brand as if he is no longer there.

By the end, Brzezinski has wheeled her chair to the other end of the desk and is nervily sipping from a bottle of water, only for Brand to comment on the way she’s holding the bottle and label her a “shaft grasper”…

See Russell Brand on Morning Joe in full below.