David Mitchell drags Radio Times into the fray in Would I Lie To You?

The panel show captain gave us some photoshoot advice, all while trying to decide if Pointless' Richard Osman once shared a jacuzzi with the Eggheads...

We’re pretty big fans of Would I Lie to You? over here at Radio Times – so it was nice to be name-checked in this week’s show…


Pointless’ Richard Osman is tasked with the true/false story that “last year, at a party, I shared a jacuzzi with three of the Eggheads”. Apparently, this was a Radio Times shoot – one centred around “decadence in the quizzing community”. Ha! As if we’d arrange something like that!

“I think photographing a lot of people from different quiz shows in a ridiculously sort of opulent setting is the sort of idea that [Radio Times] might have,” said Mitchell. “For example, for the last series of this they had us sitting around a table pretending to play poker and pulling loads of faces. It’s the kind of stunt that they do rather than just having a normal photograph and then a note of when the programme is on – which is all you need.”


Well, at least someone was a fan… 

“I rather enjoyed the poker photo,” said host Rob Brydon, crestfallen. “It was a lovely opportunity to spend time with you and Lee out of this environment but never mind…”

Enter Lee Mack: “To be honest with you Rob, I also had a terrible time”

Well, you can’t win them all. Check out the controversial photoshoot for yourself below.