Could The Inbetweeners be getting a reboot?

If the series returns, it will be with an all-new cast


The makers of The Inbetweeners have caught on to the reboot fever and – in news that no one was hoping for – are thinking about bringing back the comedy series without any of the original cast.


Production company Banijay UK wants to bring The Inbetweeners to a new generation, with Chief Operating Officer Peter Langenberg keen to “revitalise” the tale of awkward British teenage boys.

The original series aired on E4 and starred Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison and James Buckley.

“It’s not feasible for the cast to reprise their roles at that stage of life, but the brand is so strong that I’m definitely interested in seeing if we could take a new spin on it,” Langenberg told Broadcast.

The Inbetweeners was created by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris. It began in 2008 and aired for three series, with successful spin-off movies in 2011 and 2014 (though a US version in 2012 was a major failure).


As well as new stars, another Inbetweeners series would also need new writers as Beesley and Morris have left Banijay. Let’s hope it doesn’t go the way of ill-fated 2011 TV movie Mean Girls 2…