Computer says yes! The IT Crowd to return at the end of the month

Creator Graham Linehan reveals that Moss, Jen and Roy will be back on Channel 4 at the end of September

Brace yourselves IT crowd fans. Do not unplug your machine and definitely don’t try turning your monitor off and on again. This is not a virus. Your internet broswer does not have a bug.


The IT Crowd really will be retuning to your TV screens, intact with all its original cast members, for an incredibly special one-off episode at the end of this month. System overload!

Series creator Graham Linehan – whose TV CV includes Father Ted and Black Books – broke the news on Twitter: 

The IT Crowd – a comedy series based on the ragtag employees of a neglected IT department – ran for four series from 2006 before the gang were discarded like yesterday’s jam (fans will know what this reference means).

The series starred Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade as Reynholm Industries’ resident tech geeks, Katherine Parkinson as IT-illiterate Jen and Matt Berry as their wayward boss Douglas Reynholm.

Here’s a little reminder of the office-based comedy to get you excited (as if you need it):