Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd stars in live action Rick and Morty teaser trailer

Lloyd stars as Rick Sanchez in the ingenious clip, with Morty played by Knives Out and It actor Jaeden Martell.

Live action Rick and Morty

The fifth series of Rick and Morty is set to draw to a close this week, and ahead of the two-part finale Adult Swim has posted an ingenious – but rather mysterious – 15-second teaser trailer.


The short clip sees the titular space travelers step through a portal into Rick’s garage, but there’s one major difference from the Rick and Morty we’re used to seeing: they’re live-action!

Given that Rick Sanchez is based on iconic Back to the Future character Doc Emmett Brown, it’s no surprise that Christopher Lloyd has been brought in to play the eccentric scientist, while the role of Morty is portrayed by Knives Out and It actor Jaeden Martell.

“Morty, we’re home!” Rick says, complete with a couple of his trademark belches, before his rather less excited grandson mutters, “Aw geez”.

It’s not clear if the clip is just a fun promo idea or if it offers some hints as to what might happen in the series closer  – with some fans suggesting we might even get to see the live-action versions in the show itself.

The video is titled C-132, which means we do know this live-action Rick is not the same one that appears in the show, with the version we’re used to seeing classified as C-137.

But given the characters exist in an infinite multiverse, there’s every possibility that these live-action versions could make an appearance in the finale – which would certainly be a thrilling way to close out the series.

Interestingly, Lloyd has previously gone on record to state his enjoyment of the show – even suggesting that he would love to take part.

Speaking to the Phoenix New Times in 2018, he revealed, “I’ve seen a few episodes and I gotta tell you, I think it’s a lot of fun. I know it’s some kind of parody of Doc and Marty.

And when asked if he’d up for playing a part he added, “I’d like to, of course. I think it’s really fun.”

The final episode of season five airs in the US on Sunday 5th September – with UK fans having to wait just one extra day until Monday 6th September until they can tune in on E4.


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