Charlie Brooker takes on immigration reporting in Election Wipe

In a clip from tonight's Screen Wipe special, the writer and broadcaster finds formulaic news bulletins ripe for parody

Immigration has proved a hot potato on this year’s General Election campaign trail – but of course that hasn’t stopped Charlie Brooker handling it.


In tonight’s Election Wipe special, the satirist applies his caustic wit to the tropes and clichés of reporting on the issue.

From sweeping shots of the white cliffs of Dover and Nigel Farage’s pint-swilling photo-ops to some classic journalist nodding, it’s a spot-on depiction of what we’ve come to expect from the news – and a taste of the fun we can expect in the special tonight.


Charlie Brooker’s Election Wipe is on BBC2 tonight (Wednesday 6 May) at 9.00pm