Channel 4’s Catastrophe re-commissioned for TWO new series

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney will be back for a lot more marital discord


Here’s some news to brighten your week – Channel 4’s acclaimed sitcom Catastrophe has been greenlit for not one but two new series. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s darkly comic take on relationships and marriage is to start filming its next run this November for an airing in 2017.


Starring Horgan and Delaney as “Sharon” and ‘Rob”, the series revolves around a couple who accidentally get pregnant and decide to try to make their relationship (and later marriage) work. It’s become known for its realistic depiction of romantic strife, as well as a strong sense of black comedy, over two seasons on Channel 4.

Since airing, it has won critical acclaim and several awards, including a Bafta for writing and a Rose D’Or for Best Sitcom.

Speaking about the commission, Horgan and Delaney said: “We are thrilled to be making a third series of Catastrophe. Rob and Sharon are a blast to spend time with. And we’re not talking about ourselves in the third person, we’re talking about the characters. We’re eager to breathe life back into Rob and Sharon. Okay, now we are talking about us.

“In the first series Rob and Sharon went through a lot (us) and even more in the second series (back to the characters). We’re looking forward to putting Rob and Sharon (both us and the characters) through further pain for your enjoyment (now we’re talking about you).”

Phil Clarke, head of comedy for the broadcaster, added: “I am thrilled to commission a third and fourth series of the multi award-winning Catastrophe. It’s a welcome return for the brave, razor-edged, excruciatingly honest and painfully funny portrayal of a modern long-term relationship.”


Catastrophe series 3 will air on Channel 4 next year