Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s departing Gina “is coming back very soon”

The human embodiment of the 100 emoji hasn’t even left yet, but they’re already planning to bring her back

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 6

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s rescue from cancellation last year came with one downside – the revived series would be waving goodbye to Chelsea Peretti’s iconic dance-troupe leading, “human embodiment of the 100 emoji” squad member Gina, who is set to bow out of the US police comedy in an upcoming episode.


Or at least, that’s what we thought – because according to fellow cast member Stephanie Beatriz (who plays Detective Rosa Diaz in the sitcom), even after Peretti leaves Gina won’t be gone for good.

“Chelsea Peretti is a gift from the gods. She really is one of the greats. She’s not really leaving, ” Beatriz told Entertainment Tonight.

“We are shooting an episode with her coming back very soon.

“She might not be in every episode, but she’s still very much a part of the world,” Beatriz continued. “Gina’s forever in the fabric of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It just wouldn’t be the show without her, so I think audiences are going to be really pleased to see her come back.

“We just did that table read the other day and it’s a really fire script. I can’t wait for people to see it!”

So there you have it – even after Peretti bows out, she’ll still have time for a few encores. It’s very Gina.


Brooklyn Nine Nine will return to E4 later this year