Brendan O’Carroll is already working on two more Mrs Brown’s Boys movies

The Irish comedian is cooking up two spin-off films based on characters Dino and Mr Wang

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie might not be in cinemas quite yet – it’s out on 27 June, if you can’t wait for your fix of Irish shenanigans – but Brendan O’Carroll, who plays the Brown matriarch, is already planning two more films. 


Carroll, who writes the hit BBC sitcom the film is based on, is planning a spin-off film called Wash and Blow based on Mrs Brown’s son Rory and his screen husband Dino and their hair salon, reports the BBC. O’Carroll would play salon owner Mario in the film.

The 58-year-old comedian is also already thinking about a movie centered around Mr Wang, a character from Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie, and his detective agency.

“You can’t take the piss out of a Chinese person. If you are going to take the piss out of a Chinese person, you have to have someone Chinese playing the part,” said O’Carroll. “So I thought, I’ll play the part of a guy, who wants to be Chinese; who thinks he’s Chinese; who dresses like he’s Chinese; but all he does is deliver Chinese. But he’s convinced he’s Chinese! And out of that came Mr Wang.”

“I never laughed so much as the days I played Mr Wang. There’s things Mr Wang can say that nobody else can say,” he said. 


The upcoming movie sees Mrs Brown attempt to save her fruit and veg stall as Dublin’s Moore Street market is threatened by the plans of an ambitious property developer.