Sky have released a first look trailer for Brassic season 3, showing Joe Gilgun and Michelle Keegan reprising their roles as petty crime leader Vinnie O’Neill and single mum Erin respectively.


Containing some very choice words, the clip begins with Vinnie being offered a "job" fresh out of the jail house.

He says: "I've just come out of jail, I'm not looking to go back," before the clip cuts to the scene of the gang mysteriously jumping out of a red van in a field.

In the next scene, Vinnie is asked during a phone conversation if he's still a "petty criminal."

"Cheeky, b*****d! I'm a professional thief," he says.

The clip continues with the boys up to more of their usual shenanigans, as the newly promoted detective Carl Slater (John Weaver) warns Vinnie: "I'm making it my personal mission to f*****g catch you!"

In one very hilarious scene, Tommo (Ryan Sampson) can be seen milking a cow, while telling the others: "It's like a french baguette!"

Dylan (Damian Molony) then asks, as the gang sits in a barn: "What could possibly go wrong?"

Cue an onslaught of bizarre heists, with the clip cutting to a scene of Vinnie being chased by a German Shepherd, Erin swearing, and the boys being held at gun point while in the nude.

The video ends with the entire crew being sprayed with milk straight from a cow's udder, before Vinnie visits his doctor who he tells to "F*** off!" after seeing a life size structure of the female sexual organ.

In the last season of Brassic, fans were left with a cliff-hanger, as Vinnie whispered something in Erin's ear before he got arrested.

Fresh out of prison, he's jubilant to be reunited with his gang of mates, but he now has Detective Slater watching his every move.

Although he knows he needs to keep out of trouble, playing it safe has never been Vinnie's strong point, suggesting that things could be about to go south for the gang.


Sky Original Brassic 3, all episodes available Wed 6 Oct on Sky Max and streaming service NOW. If you’re looking for something else to watch, take a look at the rest of our Comedy coverage or check out our TV Guide.