Being Human’s Sinéad Keenan to star in Irish comedy for Channel 4

London Irish will follow a group of hard-drinking, hard-living 20-somethings living in, well, London

Being Human’s Sinead Keenan is set to star in London Irish, a new Channel 4 comedy commission about a group of Irish 20-somethings living in London.


Armed with rubbish jobs and no money London Irish’s four friends struggle to navigate life in London, especially after a particularly heavy drinking session…

Keenan, who played Nina in the BBC3 supernatural drama, will play Bronagh. The 35-year-old actress will star alongside Game of Thrones’ Kerr Logan, Peter Campion and Kat Regan.

London Irish has been written by Irish Londoner Lisa McGee, a screen writer from Derry, Northern Ireland. Of her new series McGee said: “Ultimately, it’s a show about young people, who value having the craic above everything else. The characters are children of the peace process, living in one of the greatest cities in the world and they want to have a good time. Yeah they’re screwed up, they drink too much, they swear too much…but I really hope people watch the show and think, “I don’t half want a night out with that lot” and love watching these four characters as much as I love writing for them.”

Executive producer Caroline Leddy added: “Lisa is one of the funniest writers I’ve met in ages. And she’s a girl. And she writes brilliant jokes about boozing and shagging. I wish it was on the telly right now.”


The six-part series is set to air later this year.