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Watch the trailer for Donald Glover's Atlanta Season 2

The critically acclaimed comedy returns in March

Published: Monday, 8th January 2018 at 2:23 pm

The trailer for the new series of Donald Glover's brilliantly minimalist comedy series Atlanta is finally here.


The clip, which was first broadcast during the ad breaks last night's Golden Globes, is typically low-key, depicting rapper Paper Boi (Bryan Tyree Henry) and his entourage in various scenarios with no dialogue.

Check it out below.

Details for the new season are currently scarce, but recently Glover told the Television Critics Association that he turned to Tiny Toons for inspiration when writing it, referring specifically to a Tiny Toons TV movie that was split into four parts.

"If you watched them all together, they were a movie,” he said. “We kind of took that idea of a whole story, but being told in a bunch of little parts that could be a show.”

Atlanta revolves around single father burnout turned hip-hop manager Earn Marks (Glover), and co-stars Lakeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz.

While the new season is set to return to screens in the USA in March, there is currently no confirmed date for the UK return. The first season was broadcast on FOX in the UK in November 2016.


In September 2017, Glover picked up two Emmys for acting and directing in the show.


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