Alan Carr to hi-jack Channel 4’s Comedy Gala adverts with Rylan Clark

No advert is safe… Go Compare, Lynx and Specsavers among those to be invaded by the comedy duo

Alan Carr trashing adverts is quickly becoming a Comedy Gala staple.


Forget the comedy (OK, don’t forget the comedy. There’s some good ones and it’s for charity) but seeing Alan invade adverts, usually dressed as a familiar character, is just as much fun.

This year Alan will be joined by Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark, which means there’s bound to be a lot of ‘SHUT UP’s and ‘OMG’s, as the pair embark on their mission to hi-jack everyone from Renault, Jackpot Joy and Go Compare.

Opera singer Gio Compario, who’s already under fire in the real Go Compare campaign, gets in on the action, too.

What more can happen to him? He’s been hit by women, sucked into a black hole and had things fired at him. Perfect excuse to have a day off one would have thought.

Alan pops up in a Specsavers advert, too. Which couldn’t really be any more fitting with his huge specs in tow. He could score himself some designed by Gok ones or something.

Skittles join in the fun this year, pulling in the guy who turns everything to skittles to threaten Alan. Plus, online food ordering service Just Eat join the line-up for the first time.

Alan even does his own Jean-Claude Van Damme bit in a Coors takeover. Let’s hope he’s been practicing his snow angels and bottle blowing. He’s bound to get an inappropriate joke along the lines of  “Coor… cold balls” in there, surely?


See Channel 4’s Comedy Gala Friday 9:00pm Friday