Originally launched in the US, STARZ made its way to UK shores in 2018 under the name STARZPLAY, which has now been changed to Lionsgate+. The streaming service boasts plenty of original and exclusive shows like The Serpent Queen, Outlander, and Gaslit starring Julia Roberts, as well as blockbusters such as The Danish Girl and Anna Karenina.


Lionsgate+ was first made available on Amazon Prime Video and Virgin TV, and you can now stream it on Apple TV, Rakuten TV and Roku, too.

In a market saturated with other streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus, where does Lionsgate+ fit in? What exactly does it offer? And what shows and films can you find there? Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you.

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What is Lionsgate+?

Lionsgate+ started off as a premium channel, STARZ, in the US before building its own streaming service. The streaming platform is called STARZ in the US and Puerto Rico, whereas in Europe, Canadia and the Middle East, viewers knew it as STARZPLAY before it recently as changed to Lionsgate+.

Lionsgate+ offers original titles such as Black Flag, The Spanish Princess, and a small screen adaptation of Stephen King’s Castle Rock, which aren't available on any other platform. New shows are made available on Lionsgate+ the same day they’re premiered in the US, too, so there’s no worry you’ll log onto Twitter and see a spoiler for your favourite show from across the pond.

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Where can I watch Lionsgate+ in the UK?

You can stream Lionsgate+ in the UK on Apple TV, Rakuten TV and Roku. It’s also available as an add-on channel to your Amazon Prime Video account, however, it’ll cost you a couple of extra quid a month. Or it will after the 28th October 2022. But until then you can get a 30-day UK free trial for Lionsgate+ on Amazon Prime Video.

After your trial, Lionsgate+ will cost an additional £5.99 for Prime members.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial to Lionsgate+ on Amazon Prime Video now

The Lionsgate+ app is available to download on your iOS or Android devices, including Android TVs, and is compatible with Google Chromecast. Simply head over to the app store, and install. The Lionsgate+ app also lets you download and watch videos offline.

If you’re in the US, you can go directly through STARZ to sign up.

How much does Lionsgate+ cost?

Lionsgate+ is available for £5.99 through the Lionsgate+ app, Virgin TV or Amazon Prime Video.

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Is Lionsgate+ free on Amazon Prime Video?

As much as we’d all love free subscriptions, Lionsgate+ is not free on Amazon Prime, unfortunately.

On top of your Amazon Prime Video subscription, which will set you back £8.99 per month, Lionsgate+ costs an extra £5.99 per month as it’s a channel on the service.

However, up until 28th October 2022, Amazon Prime Video is offering Lionsgate+ as a free trial for 30 days. Plus, we know how you can get your hands on a free trial. If you're not already a Prime member, you can also get an Amazon Prime Video 30-day free trial at the same time. That's sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

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What TV shows and movies can I watch on Lionsgate+?


Julia Roberts in Gaslit looking in the mirror in a green dress
Julia Roberts in Gaslit. Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/Starz Entertainment

Gaslit is an upcoming TV series starring Julia Roberts and Sean Penn. It promises a ‘modern take’ on the Watergate scandal, with Roberts playing Martha Mitchell, the unexpectedly heroic wife of John Mitchell (Penn), President Nixon’s reelection campaign chair.

The Serpent Queen

The Serpent Queen.
The Serpent Queen. STARZ

An exciting new show on Lionsgate+, The Serpent Queen follows Catherine de Medici, played by Samantha Morton, as she rises through the ranks of sixteenth-century France to become, with some skilled political manoeuvring, Queen of France. But this not your average stuffy period drama, with plenty of modern twists and looks down the barrel of the camera it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

More like this


Outlander season 6
Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in Outlander. Starz

Over the years, Outlander has collected quite a cult following. The fantasy drama is based on Diana Gabaldon’s books of the same name, and it follows former World War II nurse Claire Randall who gets transported back in time to 1743. She then meets and marries Highlander Jamie, and plenty of steamy scenes follow.

American Gods

American Gods season 3 (Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane)
Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane in American Gods. Amazon Prime Video

Neil Gaiman’s epic novel, American Gods, inspired this next STARZ series. We follow Shadow Moon, a man who has just been released from prison and is determined to put his past behind him and lead a quiet life with his wife, Laura. However, Laura has just been killed in a car crash.


Cast of Vida on Starzplay
The cast of Vida. Getty / Corey Nickols

Vida tells the story of two Mexican-American sisters, Lynda and Emma, who move back to their childhood home of Boyle Heights in LA after their mother dies. The two sisters couldn’t be further apart in terms of their lifestyles, jobs, homes and dating lives, and drama ensues.

High Fidelity

Zoë Kravitz High Fidelity
Zoë Kravitz in High Fidelity. Hulu

You might recognise this title from Nick Hornby’s book of the same name, which follows commitment-phobe Rob Fleming as he tries to find a purpose in life after breaking up with his lawyer girlfriend. This Starzplay series, however, has had a gender-swap makeover and sees Zoë Kravitz step into Robyn ‘Rob’ Brooks’ shoes.

The Great

Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning in The Great
Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning in The Great. IMDb

This laugh-out-loud drama stars Elle Fanning as a royal woman living in rural 16th century Russia. Catherine (Fanning) has to choose between her own personal happiness and the future of Russia when she marries an Emperor, Peter (played by Nicholas Hoult).

Lionsgate+ also offers a huge array of big-name movies including 13 Going On 30, The Grudge, Dirty Dancing, Dune (1984), Magic Mike, Crimson Peak, The Other Boleyn Girl, Sense and Sensibility, Halloween, Bend It Like Beckham, The Da Vinci Code, and Reservoir Dogs.

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