What time does Netflix release new episodes?

Sure, the new series of my favourite show drops on Friday. But when?

Ricky Gervais in After Life (Netflix)

When you’re desperately waiting for the next instalment of your favourite show (e.g. when you’re counting down the hours, minutes and seconds till the Love is Blind Reunion), it’s important to know when you can expect those episodes to drop.


Rather confusingly, usually we’re just given a date e.g. Friday 3rd April. But what time will the show appear on the Netflix site?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. The simple answer is that episodes will usually drop at 8am UK time, meaning you can gobble up the second season of Ricky Gervais’ After Life on 24th April while you’re shovelling down your cornflakes and coffee.

If you think that’s an odd time to be watching telly then a) well done for having a more productive and interesting life than us. And b) it might make more sense when you realise that shows are released at the same time worldwide.

So when it’s 8am here, it’s midnight at Netflix HQ in San Francisco, and the start of a brand new day. Likewise, our European neighbours in France and Germany receive the same shows at 9am as they are an hour behind UK time.

Not every series is the same though – TV shows that air on US television, like America’s Got Talent, operate by their own rules and will often only come to Netflix one or two days after US transmission. Likewise, if for some reason a show were to be released only on Netflix UK, rather than worldwide, we’d expect the timings to be different again.

So set a reminder on your phone for 8am – there’s definitely time to sneak in an episode of something brilliant before work begins at 9.


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