During the Nintendo Direct in July, we saw the reveal of the Super Mario RPG Remake - and for old-timers and newcomers alike, we have all on its release date, pre-order and the latest news.


The Squaresoft-developed original came out in 1996 to critical and commercial success, much to the surprise of Nintendo themselves.

Super Mario RPG was the sixth best-selling game of the year, but the IP has remained dormant since.

Until now, that is, with Nintendo finally revisiting the cherished RPG with a comprehensive remake that leaves the story intact with sensible updates to the gameplay.

We've seen plenty of remakes recently, with Dead Space and The Last of Us Part 1 both selling very well, which is perhaps what prompted Nintendo to dust off the celebrated title all these years on.

With Super Mario Bros Wonder having recently launched, too, it's certainly been a Mario bonanza this autumn.

Now, we invite you to join us to delve into the depths of nostalgia. Read on for all things Super Mario RPG Remake!

When is the Super Mario RPG Remake release date?

The release date for Super Mario RPG is 17th November 2023.

This is only a few days after the Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy arrives, so it will be interesting to see how to two compare to one another in sales.

The target demographics for each are quite different, but we may see Super Mario RPG left in the dust as many of the owners of the 132 million Nintendo Switches won’t have had the chance to dip their toes into the Wizarding World yet.

Nostalgic fans of the original are sure to pick it up, as, if the Resident Evil remakes have taught us anything, people will part with a lot of their money to relive their youth.

Can I pre-order Super Mario RPG Remake?

You can pre-order a physical copy of Super Mario RPG from GAME for £49.99.

This version of the game comes with an exclusive Super Mario RPG keyring of Geno.

You can also get it for the same £49.99 from the Nintendo Store, and not only does it come with the Geno keyring, but you also get a Super Mario RPG acrylic standee to perch in your gamer den.

If you're not too fussed about any extra goodies, you can get the base version of the game from Curry's for £39.99 (20% off) when you use the code SUPER20.

Which consoles and platforms can play Super Mario RPG Remake?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Super Mario RPG will only be available for the Nintendo Switch.

The game has never left the Nintendo stable, and has only ever been on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System since its release in 1996 - and this won’t be changing anytime soon.

The last Mario game to release on anything other than a Nintendo platform was Super Mario Run, a mobile game released back in 2016.

We wouldn’t count on seeing Super Mario RPG appearing on any other console, besides through a potentially backwards-compatible Nintendo Switch Pro if rumours are to be believed.

Ahead of this next-gen console, you could pick up a great Switch deal if you haven't got one already.

Super Mario RPG Remake gameplay and story details

Super Mario RPG centres around Mario and his familiar pals working together to defeat Smithy, a not-so-nice robotic blacksmith who crashes a giant sword called Exor into Bowser’s castle, sending both Mario, his friends and the seven-star fragments flying in all different directions.

In true JRPG fashion, expect turn-based battles with your party and a lot of fantastical foes who will try and stop you from reuniting Mario with his friends and getting back the seven-star fragments.

If you played the original, everything you loved about it will be present in this remake as it looks to be a 1:1 recreation, featuring only updated visuals and cinematics to bring the old favourite to a new audience.

Is there a Super Mario RPG Remake trailer?

During the last Nintendo Direct, we got an extended look at Super Mario RPG, which we’ve included just below.

The trailer opens with Princess Peach rendered in her original SNES form before making the transition to the 3D realm, keeping with the visuals of Mario games from the last 10 or so years.

The trailer then cuts to Mario doing his best Shrek impression, kicking open the wooden door to his shack and running forth into the classic adventure.

An almost dizzying compilation of clips ensues, showing the game in its updated form and underscored by updated versions of classic tracks. Many of the characters and enemies are shown off in what really feels like a love letter to the old Squaresoft-developed title.

There was a Japanese trailer shared by IGN on YouTube that is well worth a watch, too.

You can use YouTube's auto-translated closed captions to get a good gist of what is going on.

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