Now that Street Fighter 6 is out, a certain sort of player will already be plotting out how best to collect all of the Street Fighter 6 trophies (or achievements if you're that way inclined).


Say what you will about trophies, and there is a camp of people that think they aren't the best thing for gaming, but you can't deny that they give you something to aim for. And that endorphin rush that hits when you unexpectedly unlock an achievement is pretty great.

So, if you're making a play for all of the Street Fighter 6 achievements, keep on reading for our full list of trophies and how to get them all — including the Platinum!

Street Fighter 6 trophy guide: Full list of trophies and achievements

Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6.
Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

By our count, there are 44 trophies/achievements to collect in Street Fighter 6. Plenty to keep you busy for a while!

And here it is, the full list of Street Fighter 6 trophies for PlayStation fans, AKA achievements for Xbox or PC players:

Actions Speak Louder — Knock an object out of your way using a Master Action in the World Tour — Bronze

Becoming the Avatar in Avatar Battles — Participate in one Avatar Battle — Bronze

Classic Leaderboard Champ — Try the Ranking Challenge at the Game Centre — Bronze

Combat Analysis — Spectate an Extreme Battle — Bronze

Coolheaded Analysis — Watch a match you previously participated in — Bronze

Entranced by Battle — Spectate a match in the Battle Hub — Bronze

Fashion Leader — Change your outfit once — Bronze

Fighters’ Codex — Check out a Character Guide in the Fighting Grounds — Bronze

Fighting Fledgling — Play the Training Mode in the Fighting Grounds in Street Fighter 6 — Bronze

First Encounters — Play one match in the Battle Hub — Bronze

Gazing at the Peak — Participate in one Tournament — Bronze

Get Your Game Face On! — Create an Avatar — Bronze

Ryu in Street Fighter 6.
Ryu in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Ha-dough-ken — Take up a part-time job in the World Tour — Bronze

Joining the Pack — Add a friend in Street Fighter 6 — Bronze

Jungle-Sized Surprise — Participate in one Extreme Battle — Bronze

Kickin’ it Old School — Try the Classic Game mode at the Battle Hub — Bronze

Leaving the Nest — Complete the tutorial in the World Tour in Street Fighter 6 — Bronze

Let the Praise Become Your Muscle — Earn one "Nice" fan — Bronze

My Title, My Life — Earn a title — Bronze

Pleased to Meet You! — Chat in the Battle Hub — Bronze

Ready to Dance? — Dance at the Battle Hub — Bronze

So This is the Battle Hub — Visit the Battle Hub for the first time — Bronze

Taking Initiative — Play the Tutorial Mode in Street Fighter 6 Fighting Grounds — Bronze

Up on the Big Screen — Check out the big screen at the Battle Hub — Bronze

Watching Gets Me PUMPED! — Spectate an Avatar Battle — Bronze

Welcome to the Stable — Join a club in Street Fighter 6 — Bronze

At Journey’s End — Complete World Tour — Silver

Extreme Combat Training — Play 20 Extreme Battles — Silver

Fixin’ for a Fight — Play 20 Avatar Battles — Silver

Gotta Be Popular! Uwo! — Gather 200 "Nice" fans — Silver

Mastery’s Bond — Raise the bond with one of your masters to 100 in World Tour — Silver

Practical Training — Complete 45 combo trials — Silver

Steely Determination — Play five tournaments — Silver

Talent of the Valiant — Complete the Arcade mode once — Silver

There's Always Time for Training! — Play 30 matches in the Battle Hub — Silver

Dominating like a Ninja — Win 10 tournaments — Gold

King of the Ring — Win 30 Battle Hub matches — Gold

Neighbourhood Peacekeeper — Complete 22 sub-missions in World Tour — Gold

Over the Top Victory — Win 20 matches in Extreme Battle — Gold

Spirit of Encouragement — Achieve 600 "Nice" fans — Gold

The Grand Jeté of 100 Battles — Win Online Battles in Fighting Ground — Gold

The Struggle over Self — Win 20 matches in Avatar Battle — Gold

Veteran of Battle — Fight 100 Battle Hub matches — Gold

A quest for strength fulfilled — Unlock all the other trophies in the game — Platinum

And that's your lot! For more on Street Fighter 6, check our our guide to all the Street Fighter 6 characters. Happy playing!

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