Street Fighter 6 is about to grace our screens as its launch is imminent, so you might be asking yourself when is the Street Fighter 6 release date and what is the UK launch time for Street Fighter 6?


Sage questions indeed, and ones we have the answers for.

Pretty soon we’ll get to play as the 18 confirmed playable characters, comprised of new and old faces that fans are sure to love. You can see some of the action that lies ahead in the launch trailer below.

Read on to find all you need to know about Street Fighter 6, including its release date, UK launch time, gameplay, pre-order details and a few trailers to peruse.

When is the Street Fighter 6 release date?

The Street Fighter 6 release date is 2nd June 2023, as was confirmed by the developers at The Game Awards. It's awesome to finally have a release date.

There really isn't long left to wait for what looks like the biggest and best Street Fighter yet.

What is the UK launch time for Street Fighter 6?

The UK launch time for Street Fighter 6 is 2nd June 2023, 12am BST. If you're not too fussed about work on Friday, you can start playing the second the clock strikes twelve. Perhaps it can be a remote work-from-home day too, just for good measure...

Is Street Fighter 6 available to pre-order?

You can pre-order Street Fighter 6 now from retailers including GAME.

If you're after the PC version, you will need to head on over to Steam.

There are three digital versions of the game to choose from: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate. You can pre-order them all via Steam above, or on the PlayStation and Microsoft Store.

All pre-orders come bundled with the outfit one colour 10 for six characters and special titles and stickers.

The Deluxe Edition comes with the Year 1 Character Pass (all four fighters added as part of year one DLC). The Ultimate Edition, meanwhile, comes with the Year 1 Ultimate Pass (extra content on top of new characters).

Street Fighter 6 platforms

Street Fighter 6 will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

Sadly, there is no sign of an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Street Fighter 6 gameplay

As expected from one of the biggest names in fighting, the gameplay for Street Fighter 6 looks to be killer. It's not a complete overhaul (why fix what isn't broken?) but it looks polished and slick.

That's for the fights, anyway. The major new addition in Street Fighter 6 is the fully 3D World Tour story mode. In this mode, you will design your own playable character and traverse a richly-designed Metro City.

The Battle Hub is where you'll go to play some classic Capcom arcade games or duke it out against other players online. It all looks rather good and it's best left to the in-depth trailer to explain it all, which you can check out below.

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Street Fighter 6 story

It looks like the Street Fighter 6 story will be picking up where the previous game left off. The trailer shows franchise favourite Ryu facing off with a mixed martial artist named Luke, the latter of whom was only added to Street Fighter 5 in its very last roster update.

The Street Fighter games have a deeper lore than casual onlookers might think, so it'll be interesting to see where this game slots into the franchise timeline and the overarching narrative. More on that as we get it.

Street Fighter 6 trailer

When Street Fighter 6 was announced in February 2022, Capcom shared the very first trailer for the game. It's more of a CGI teaser than anything else, but it's still very much worth a look.

See it for yourself below while you wait to dive into Street Fighter 6.

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