Street Fighter 6 is here and you’ll no doubt be wanting to know who you will have the pleasure of punching, kicking and Hadoukening in the face - so, to appease your nosiness, we have for you a list of Street Fighter 6 characters and the full confirmed roster of fighters.


Having been over seven years since the fifth game, we’ve been excited for a long time for this sequel, which is looking most lovely rendered in Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine.

It’ll be nice to enjoy the technology without being frightened silly in Resident Evil...

Read on to find out who is in Street Fighter 6 with a full list of all the characters so far.

Street Fighter 6 characters list

The full list of Street Fighter 6 characters is:

  • Ryu
  • Ken
  • JP
  • E. Honda
  • Dhalsim
  • Manon
  • Dee Jay
  • Chun Li
  • Jamie
  • Blanka
  • Guile
  • Kimberly
  • Juri
  • Marisa
  • Zangief
  • Lily
  • Cammy
  • Luke

Some old and new faces to get busy smashing - how smashing! We’ve got some more in-depth information and images for each just below, so read on.


Ryu in Street Fighter 6.
Ryu in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

He hates spiders, he likes martial arts, he’s Ryu - and he’s back once again to continue his fight to the top of the world, after overcoming the Satsui no Hado.

Expect signature move Hadouken in full force, and the Shinku Hadouken when things get really hairy.


Luke in Street Fighter 6.
Luke in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Fellow gamer and private military contractor, Luke is the protagonist of Street Fighter 6. After losing his father, Charlie, Luke has been under the tutorship of fellow American Guile.

Luke will be acting as coach for our custom character in the World Tour game mode, and on his days off, he’ll be eating junk food and playing PC games - just not horror ones.


Ken in Street Fighter 6.
Ken in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

After he was accused of being the mastermind behind a criminal plot, Ken has been pushed into hiding, leaving his family and business behind. Backed into a corner, Ken could be more dangerous than ever. Just be sure not to invite him to any pointless meetings, as he hates nothing more.


JP in Street Fighter 6.
JP in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Regal businessman, the not-so-subtly-named JP is new to Street Fighter 6 - and looks like he quite literally crunches numbers by hand to make his investments soar.

Despite being shown with his eyes closed, he hates sleeping and stains on his clothes. It’s a good thing he won’t be partaking in any physical violence that could see a smattering of blood or two on his impeccably tailored garbs...

E Honda

E Honda in Street Fighter 6.
E Honda in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Returning as worldwide ambassador for Sumo wrestling is E Honda, who first graced arcade cabinets back in Street Fighter 2. When not in the Dohyō, Honda can be found working his magic in the kitchen, making his renowned chanko stew.


Dhalism in Street Fighter 6.
Dhalism in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Fiery and stretchy Dhalism will make a downward dog's dinner out of your face if you’re not careful because this yogi’s move-set is anything but zen. Having achieved inner peace, Dhalism looks to spread that peace across the world, by force if necessary.

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Manon in Street Fighter 6.
Manon in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

New to Street Fighter 6 is the extraordinarily hench and French Manon. Equally at home in the ring as she is on the catwalk, this patriotic supermodel will strike you very strikingly decked out in her home colours. Even her fingernails are painted in the colours of the Republic. She disdains cosmetics but she does love her family, and no doubt her country.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6.
Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Conveniently named global music superstar and kickboxer Dee Jay will be busting his moves out again for us in Street Fighter 6. As a big fan of singing, dancing and hollering, Dee Jay will no doubt continue to entertain his endless fans whilst providing very funky kicks to people's faces. His signature flip-flops must really slap too, adding insult to injury.


Chun Li in Street Fighter 6.
Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Would it be Street Fighter without Chun-Li? Absolutely not, so it’s great to see the former Interpol agent back and kicking at impossible heights. When not running kung fu classes, Chun-Li can be found going shopping with Li-Fen and enjoying her semi-retirement.


Jamie in Street Fighter 6.
Jamie in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Revealed as the first new fighter for Street Fighter 6, expert dancer and Chinatown peacekeeper Jamie is sure to keep us on our toes and perhaps even threaten Dee Jay on the dance floor. Said to be Luke’s rival, we’ll no doubt have many run-ins when he isn’t hanging out with his grandmother, one of his favourite people.


Blanka in Street Fighter 6.
Blanka in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Feral lightning man and adventure tour guide Blanka is back and sporting a lovely pair of dungarees for maximum comfort as he bites us silly with his Ground Shave Cannonball attack. When not avoiding army ants in the Amazon, Blanka is working hard to provide a comfortable life for his beloved mother.


Guile in Street Fighter 6.
Guile in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Guile will be gracing us once more with his majestic mop. After having defeated Shadaloo and avenging his friend Charlie, Luke’s father, Guile has enjoyed the quiet life, watching sports and walking his dogs. Despite acting as a mentor for Luke, Guile finds himself drawn to the battlefield once again.


Kimberly in Street Fighter 6.
Kimberly in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Newcomer Kimberly, under reluctant tutorship from Guy of Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha fame, has finished university early on her quest to become a thoroughly 1980s pop culture-inspired ninja. She even has a tape player with her favourite songs on it, which she uses in some of her special moves in the thrill of the fight.


Juri in Street Fighter 6.
Juri in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

South Korean Taekwondo aficionado Juri Han is back to taunt and mock Chun-Li as she dishes out hurt for nothing more than her own amusement. A certified rule-hater, Juri has been biding her time in a gloomy haze since the defeat of M Bison and will no doubt relish the opportunity to be back and obliterate us with her Death Crest combo attack.


Marisa in Street Fighter 6.
Marisa in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Six foot eight inches tall Italian jewellery designer and ancient Greece enthusiast Marisa is new to the scene with a whole antiquity-inspired move-set such as her Javelin of Marisa and Phalanx.

Marisa claims heritage to ancient Greek warriors and makes no secret of it: being adorned in a befitting pteryges skirt. When not invoking the might of the ancients, Marisa can be found enjoying a nice bowl of ossobuco and appreciating fine arts


Zangief in Street Fighter 6.
Zangief in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

The weather forecast reports that the Red Cyclone will be flying in causing massive destruction with his Bolshoi Storm Buster and Tundra Storm attacks. Dedicated to his physical improvement, Zangief disdains projectile attacks and would rather get up close. When not fighting, the seven-foot leviathan can be found Cossack dancing, no doubt causing the earth beneath him to shake.


Lily in Street Fighter 6.
Lily in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Harking from the Thunderfoot tribe, Lily is making her debut in Street Fighter 6. At five foot three, you might be mistaken in thinking the shortest of all the Street Fighter characters would be the weakest - but don’t be fooled, for she packs a mighty punch indeed with her deadly pogamoggans.

With her trust in nature guiding her, she travels the globe defeating her foes. When not fighting, she loves taking photos and watching birds of prey.


Cammy in Street Fighter 6.
Cammy in Street Fighter 6. Capcom

Confirmed British grump Cammy is back to dish out her stern military justice to those who stand in her way. Despite her moody demeanour, she is an extremely competent fighter and would no doubt put MI6 colleague James Bond to shame. When not in the ring or HQ, Cammy can probably be found at a cat café.

And that's everyone so far! If there are any additional fighters from future DLCs, we'll be sure to include them.

In the meantime, check out all the trophies you can bag in the game - and we'll see you in the ring!

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